Scale Up Your Business with Scalepreneurs

Learn from the challenges and successes of business owners worldwide.


What is the value of one idea? One opportunity? One deal?

In today’s hyper-connected world, there are no boundaries for your business. It’s time for you to join an international business growth network, where forward-thinking, ambitious business leaders across the globe come together.

A place where you are supported, where your thinking is elevated, and where you have access to a world of global connections and opportunities to grow and scale.

"I’ve been a part of the network now for a good five years and to be honest, it's been a great ride. I can honestly say that my revenue has picked up a good 25% in the last 2-3 years due to the connections that I've made through the network."

Wayne Curtis – Notions Design

Grow yourself, grow your business, grow your network.

Scalepreneurs is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s the fastest, most convenient online platform for entrepreneurs like you seeking the success and lifestyle you always hoped for. You won’t find anything quite like Scalepreneurs anywhere in the world!

Scalepreneurs helps you break down the boundaries of business with global connections and opportunities. You will have access to everything you need to increase your revenue and profit, access growth opportunities, and grow your business much faster with fewer mistakes.


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Exponential results, uncapped opportunities, strategic shortcuts.


With Scalepreneurs, you will build lasting connections with like-minded, ambitious business owners around the world who share similar challenges and aspirations in business and life. Entrepreneurs who have already achieved success and who make themselves available solely to give back to you.

"My business has grown by 30% and I know I would not have if I was not part of the network. 50% of this increase has been through the network - either direct clients or through referrals by other members. I love the various topics on the education that is provided on a very regular basis, which has allowed me to focus on the specifics of my business and help me to improve from a business perspective."

Anne Venaille – Through Customer Eyes

An investment in building your future.

Scalepreneurs opens up a world of opportunities for your business. Opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs across the globe. Opportunities to learn from national and international business leaders. Opportunities to grow and scale your business.

We offer two tiers of membership and a choice of Business Growth Programs, depending on your needs and what you are hoping to achieve with your business.

Global Membership (Platinum)

+GST for those in Australia

Includes 8-Week Rapid Growth Program AND 8-Week Rapid Sales Program

Global Membership (Gold)

+GST for those in Australia

Includes 8-Week Rapid Growth Program

8-Week Rapid Sales Program

Global Membership (Silver)

+GST for those in Australia

Excludes 8-Week Programs

"The business growth events have been kind of like a lifesaver, like a lifeline to the outside world and the support has been just amazing. The networking events are full of fantastic, real people, real businesses who are genuinely there to help support you to be the best version of yourself."

Sheryll Fisher – Outback Initiatives

Global Scale-Up Events.

Scalepreneurs’ global Scale-Up events are a unique forum for business owners just like you from all over the world. The global Scale-Up events give you exclusive access to a world of experts who are there to help you learn what you need to know to successfully grow and scale your business.

Interested in becoming a member?
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Frequently asked questions.

Your 12-month Global Membership gives you access to a business growth platform with a world of advantages and opportunities, including:

Uncapped Opportunities (CONNECT)

  • Global business growth events
  • Media platforms
  • Global networks and introductions

Strategic Shortcuts (LEARN)

  • International experts and mentors
  • Scaling up strategies
  • Business resources and training

Exponential Results (GROW)

  • New business and multi-region opportunities
  • Global alliances and support
  • Partnership and marketplace opportunities

You’ll also grow your business through:

  • 8-Week Rapid Growth Program and/or Rapid Sales Program. Immerse yourself over 8-weeks and double your business success in 60 days.
  • Two Full Days Online Training in Sales, Marketing and Money – learn everything you need to grow and scale your business and profit.
  • Twelve Monthly Scale-Up Events – business growth conferences to work on your business with other entrepeneurs.
  • Access to a private Members Directory – connect with ambitious and credible business owners for advice, support, and business opportunities.
  • Amazon-Like Marketplace to promote your business.
  • Online Member Resource and Collaboration Centre with access to tools, resources, and training.
  • Facebook Global Scalepreneurs Group to connect with other ambitious Scalepreneurs.

  • Global Membership (Platinum) including the 8-Week Rapid Growth Program AND  Rapid Sales Program: $9999 (+GST for those in Australia)
  • Global Membership (Gold) including an 8-Week Rapid Growth Program OR Rapid Sales Program: $6999 (+GST for those in Australia)
  • Global Membership (Silver) – not including 8-Week programs: $3200  (+GST for those in Australia)

Global Membership (Platinum) $9999

Includes 8-Week Rapid Growth AND 8-Week Rapid Sales Program.

  • Global networks, introductions, alliances and support
  • Business resources, tools, and training
  • Global business growth events
  • Media platforms
  • New business and multi-region opportunities
  • Partnership and marketplace opportunities
  • International experts and mentors
  • Scaling up strategies


Global Membership (Gold) $6999

Everything in the Platinum Membership with only one 8-Week Program (Rapid Growth OR Rapid Sales).


Global Membership (Silver) $3200

Everything in the Platinum Membership excluding the 8-Week Programs.

Members are business owners and CEOs looking to grow themselves, their network and their businesses. We have Members from start-ups to multi-million-dollar businesses. All Members are above-the-line thinkers looking for profit, growth, and speed.

The minimum term is 12-months. Building relationships and implementing change takes time, with the magic typically happening between 6 and 12-months.

Yes! Payment plans are available over 3-months for all programs and memberships. An additional 20% is payable on any payment plans.

Not a problem! We understand that life happens and we are happy to accommodate. Please check your Membership agreement and your minimum term. If you paid upfront, you may wish to continue receiving benefits and we can cancel at the end of your term. Please check your minimum number of payments if you have a payment plan. We will provide a small discount for those who want to pay out early.

No. There is nothing else to pay; everything is included in your Membership.

You must commit to attending 10 out of 12 events in any 12-month Membership period. You're only requirement is to show up with a growth mindset.

Yes! If they are a business owner, you can send someone else in your place if you are unable to attend.

Each event is open for 30 days from the 1st to the 30th of each month. Participants can start connecting through the platform before, during, and after the event. You'll have the opportunity to connect with business owners during each event via speed networking, mastermind think tanks and virtual happy hours. At any point during the 30-day cycle you can request online meetings with participants via our Event Platform, which will automatically sync with your calendar.

Absolutely not! Referrals and networking happen naturally when you are in the right environment with people who have similar mindsets and goals as you.

Show Up with a growth mindset. That's it! When you join we'll supply you with a How to Maximise your Membership Guide.

Absolutely! Most business owners need to drive growth and sales but some are happy making new connections and having the opportunity to work on their business each month.

You will have the opportunity to 'pitch' during speed networking events. But don't worry, we have written the perfect pitch guides to help you.

You can promote your business in many ways, including our Event Platform, our Collaboration Platform and Private Members Directory, our Social Media Groups and our Amazon-Like Marketplace. You also promote your business every time you engage in speed networking, one-to-one business meetings, and during your Mastermind Think Tanks.

You will grow your business through:

  1. New business opportunities.
  2. Fast-tracked learning.
  3. Access to experts, mentors, and shortcuts.
  4. Business growth training.
  5. Business growth tools and resources.
  6. Referral partnerships.
  7. Joint venture partnerships.
  8. Promoting your business through media platforms.
  9. Market place opportunities.

Absolutely! Feel free to book a ticket HERE and invite a friend. Take advantage of multiple ticket incentives.

You can enjoy exclusivity of profession in your Mastermind Think Tank.

Yes! Our app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store from 1 February 2022.

Yes! We’d love to hear from you. Please book a free business growth session and we'll help you with any questions. We'll also take a snapshot of your business and growth opportunities.


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