Why Online Networking?

Networking has always been good for business. The old adage, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,’ is just as relevant now, perhaps more than ever. It’s the variety of people in your network who will have the most positive impact on your business. 

And in these days of ever-advancing technology, it’s online networking that will take you and your business to the next level – locally, nationally and internationally.  

Online Networking is a way of developing relationships and expanding markets through online channels, either on social media or specifically built platforms, like Scalepreneurs, for particular groups and organisations. Just a few years ago, holding meetings and connecting online was commonly seen as frustrating.  But due to events over the last couple of years, it has become necessary for all of us to communicate well online, and that has brought about a significant increase in the quality of the technology we use. Improved video streaming, breakout rooms, and platforms where we can connect with hundreds of people, have opened up a world of possibilities for international business. 

So why choose Online Networking for your business?  

Here are 7 reasons to consider Online Networking as your next powerful marketing tool. 

1. Increase your global business connections. 

The most influential people in the world today are successful because of the people in their network.  Online Networking is a dynamic way to form relationships with a larger number of people than ever before.  A few decades ago, networking was limited to the number of face-to-face events you could attend locally, or perhaps in the larger cities in the country where you live.  With social platforms and improved technology, the possibilities these days are endless.  We can find like-minded individuals, businesses or corporations and authentically connect with them, wherever they are in the world.  

2. You are visible to a global market.   

With the right exposure, your products and services can be of value to hundreds of thousands across the world.  By opening up your online network globally, you are exponentially making yourself visible to an ever-growing market. When you make a positive impression, on even just a small number of people around the world, you are allowing opportunities for more people to be aware of you and what you do. 

3. Create opportunities. 

Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but as your network grows so do your chances to create opportunities, collaborations, strategic partnerships and relationships. Depending on the platform, when you first start out with online networking, it may seem that opportunities come thick and fast. It’s possible you could become overwhelmed with the amount of interest you receive. How do you know which opportunity will be of benefit to you? It’s worth having a quick checklist to see if each opportunity aligns with your desired outcome. You can read a little more about this here. (put in link to online networking tips blog….)  

4. Find inspiration in diversity. 

Having an opportunity to see, hear and understand how others live around the globe allows you to see the world from a different perspective.   Life doesn’t just happen in your local community. People around the world choose their products or services based on the diversity of their culture and background. What might be appealing packaging in Australia, for example, could need some design or marketing changes for the Russian market (aside from the translation issues of course).  Opening up your international network will give you a greater understanding of how your products and services can be of value globally. It might also offer some inspiration for new ideas or solutions to challenges. 

5. Learn from industry experts. 

Choose the right platform to network online and you have an opportunity to connect with some of the most influential in your industry.  Have you noticed how events over the last couple of years have encouraged industry leaders to ‘pay it forward’?  World-class business owners, CEO’s, and industry experts are making themselves available at a significant number of free or low-cost online events.  Online Networking allows you to form connections with a diverse number of people from all walks of life, and that includes people you can learn from. And that’s not just limited to your industry, but leaders in many industries you may not have realised had relevant and inspirational information….until now! 

6. Consider a different approach. 

The vast array of people you connect with online can open up a whole new world and perspective.  Listening to business leaders from a variety of industries, you can often discover that even though they are working in a very different area, what they know about business has value and impact for you.  Being open to all possibilities and opportunities, and not limiting yourself to your local market and local economy, has seen unexpected partnerships grow for many businesses, which would certainly not be so prolific without the growth of online networking. 

7. Develop lasting relationships. 

Buddhists say that ‘how you do anything is how you do everything.’ Opening up your business to the opportunities of global online networking also opens up amazing opportunities to create meaningful and lasting relationships on a personal level as well. Be authentic and open and you never know who you may meet to enhance your life in ways you never anticipated.  

It’s easy to see why Online Networking is now an important aspect of your marketing mix, though we are certainly not suggesting you give up all your face-to-face networking events.  There needs to be a balance of the two.  

Be aware that results may vary based on the amount of time you spend networking and the platforms you use.  Sometimes, it can take time to see results, but those results are often exponential when all the pieces come together.  

Being associated and working with a group dedicated to boosting your network potential is one way you can see your results change quickly. Working with others who already fully understand the powerful value of networking can offer you opportunities for connection never experienced before.  Scalepreneurs is a platform created to do just that – offer you opportunities for exponential expansion.   

If you want to know more, our (virtual) door is always open to support, develop and inspire you to evolve your online network. 

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