The Secrets of a Winning Elevator Pitch

They used to say that elevator pitches were 60 seconds long. When was the last time you hopped into a lift that took 60 seconds?  

Just like the speed of elevators has increased, the length of elevator pitches has decreased. If you can’t get your message across in 30 seconds – you’ve lost them – and the opportunity to hook their interest. 

Golden rule number 1 – Be concise 

You need to say what you do, who you do it for and how you do it that makes you different from your competition – and we all have competition. Within reason, the shorter your pitch, the more effective it is likely to be. Some of the best pitches are really short.  

For example: “If you’re hot and you want to be cool. Call me, Christian at Ford & Doonan”,  

“I talk to Telstra & Optus so you don’t have to. Rob from Aria Communications”.  


Golden Rule Number 2 – Be crystal clear about what you do  

“To be specific is terrific. To be vague is the plague.” 

You can be funny, you can be clever, but what you can’t be is unclear or vague about what you do. If they don’t know what you do, they won’t be interested.  

For example: “I’m a hired assassin. I kill the creepy crawlies that live in and around your house but don’t pay a cent in rent. Matt from Gremlin Pest Control”. 

“I rub people up the right way. I’m a chiropractor. The reason my clients choose me is that I’m different. If you have neck pain, back pain, or any other pain, come and see me. Susanna at Bee Chiropractic.” 


Golden Rule Number 3 – It’s all about them, not you 

Design your pitch to focus on the problems you solve for your customers. Where possible, reword your pitch to the customer’s point of view. Use words “you” or “my clients” rather than an “I” focus. 

For example: “Have you ever sat at your computer and it  J U S T  –  W O N’ T –  W O R K? That’s when you call me, Ben Neilson at IT Solutions.” 

“I’m the Cashflow Crusader. Do you know how much money you have tied up in unpaid invoices, right now? Invoices that either haven’t been sent or paid? I fix that for people just like you.   

Susan the Cashflow Crusader” 


Silver Rule – make your name the last thing they hear 

No one cares about who you are until they think you can solve a problem they have. All of the examples above demonstrate that. 

Where do you start? 

1. Decide what product or service you’re going to pitch. It can’t be more than 2 – 3 in exceptional situations. Every one of the examples above is pitching one or two services. 

2. Suss the sitch – suss out who will be in the audience. Tailor your pitch for the people who will be there. No point pitching house renovations if you’re speaking in an area where all the houses are new. 

3. Write down – yes write down these three things: 

  • What problem you solve  
  • Who you solve it for – be as specific as possible 
  • Why people choose you over your competitors – what makes you different 

4. Now write down a “grabber”. Something that is unique and grabs their attention. Here are some examples: 

  • My dad taught me one thing – do it properly, do it once. 
  • I’m a gutsy lady 
  • My business is never stationary – it’s always on the move 
  • I create peace of mind 
  • A date night is cheaper than a divorce 
  • I make my clients pay more tax 
  • I’m the invisible man. I work on stuff you’ll never see – electricity 

5. Now put it all together: 

  • Grabber 
  • What problem do you solve for the audience you have defined 
  • Who you solve it for – be specific 
  • Why people choose you – what makes you different 
  • Your name and business 

6. Practise – Finally do what every great actor or sports person does – practise. Say it aloud until it sounds natural. Practise in the shower, in the car, out walking, at the gym, to the dog …. 

Pitching is so important. You can’t leave it to chance. It’s all about design and delivery.  

Design it well, then delivery it brilliantly and you’ll have an elevator pitch that people will notice and remember. 

David Julian Price coaches’ people to deliver pitches – elevator pitches and longer pitches. Everyone who sells anything to anyone needs a well-designed and brilliantly delivered pitch. 

Go to Humanitix to view the Pitching and Presenting Bootcamps in 2022, or email David Price to find out about upcoming workshops – You’ll be glad you did. 

David Price Consulting – [email protected]      0418 888 018 

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