5 Essential Tips for Building a Strong Online Network

In today’s digital age, online networking has become an indispensable resource for professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to expand their reach and establish meaningful online connections in business. No matter what business you’re in, harnessing the power of networking online can open doors to new opportunities and business growth.   However, it’s not just about […]

Expanding Your Business Network: How to Network Effectively in a Virtual Environment

With huge advancements in digital technology and, particularly in the last couple of years with the need to maintain some kind of human connection when it’s not always possible ‘in person’, effective networking online has taken a significant shift towards becoming a primary way of building professional connections. With the rise of remote work and […]

Unlocking Opportunities: The Power of Social Media Networking

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or CEO of a global organisation to see how social media has changed the business marketing landscape in the last decade, revolutionising the way we connect and interact. Indeed, many of today’s business leaders wouldn’t even remember a time before social media.  But despite the influence social […]

Speed Networking – Expand Your Contacts Quickly

Speed Networking  While you may be familiar with “speed dating,” it might be the first time you have heard of “speed networking.” The idea is generally the same. Speed networking is a 60 to 90-minute event that allows people to meet new contacts quickly. It is an effective way of expanding your professional network in […]

Online Networking Tips

If the events of the last 2 years have taught us anything, it’s that we can still do business, and do it well, while working remotely from home and connecting and collaborating with people online.   There are many benefits to Online Networking, including the convenience and low cost, as well as possibilities to network and […]

Why Global Connections are Important

In 1966, economic historian Geoffrey Blainey first coined the term ‘tyranny of distance’ to describe the difficulty of trading internationally, especially for remote nations such as Australia. Recently Australia’s Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese, paraphrased Blainey, asking us to reject the tyranny of distance and instead embrace the privilege of proximity. How things have […]

Benefits of Online Networking

There’s no doubt that online networking exponentially grows your connections and relationships, and by association, increases your number of referrals, partnerships, collaborations, and ultimately, sales. It increases the number of industry experts you have access to and opportunities for growth like never before. And just as importantly, building a strong online network can empower you […]

7 Tips To Avoid Online Fatigue

It goes without saying that in today’s technology-centric world, we are spending more and more time working, and ‘playing’ online.   But how is the amount of time we spend online affecting our brains and bodies?   An international team of researchers from a number of universities, including Harvard and Oxford*, concluded that the amount of time […]

How to Have the Perfect One-to-One Online Networking Meeting

Both nationally and internationally, the events of the last two years have had a significant impact on how your business interacts with other businesses. Around the world, people are embracing the art of online networking and international connections are increasing significantly due to online platforms making it easier to communicate.    Online Networking is a […]