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The Balanced Scorecard.

It’s no secret the decisions you make now will affect your business in the future. Many business owners rely on financial metrics to measure their business success but this may not be enough to fully understand their business health. Instead, your business performance should be measured by a mix of financial and non-financial (operational) factors to provide a more complete picture.

Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton call this The Balanced Scorecard, which is a framework that measures several perspectives (“The Four Pillars”) to determine your business performance. Successful business owners understand The Balanced Scorecard and apply The Four Pillars to help them make the right decisions to ensure the future success of their business.

The Four Pillars.

Your Financial Perspective

Tap into a global network of inspirational business leaders.

Your Customer Perspective

How well people like your products and/or services.

Your Internal Perspective

How efficiently you deliver what your customers want.

Innovation, Learning and Growth Perspective

How you continue to improve and create value for your customers.

The Experts.

The Scalepreneurs team has carefully selected a group of successful, skilled entrepreneurs to act as Mentors to work with you on your business journey through our online mentoring platform. Our Mentors are business experts who understand the importance of The Four Pillars and how to apply The Balanced Scorecard to help you make the right decisions for your business. Our mentors volunteer their time solely to assist and support you in your business growth.

Become a Mentor.

Are you a successful entrepreneur who wants to help others succeed just as you have? Scalepreneurs offers you a unique opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other business owners to help them on their business journey. If you are interested in becoming a Scalepreneurs Mentor, get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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Mentor Stories.

Many of our Mentors are business owners just like you! They often started from humble beginnings, growing their businesses into thriving enterprises. Read on to learn our Mentors’ stories and how they got to be where they are today.

Anderson Chong

Read Anderson's Story

Anderson Chong founder and Managing Director of iQuest, has had a central role in shaping the company´s vision and direction. During the past 10 years, he has built iQuest into a robust player in the IT market with a strong client portfolio and an exceptional team.


Along the way he has helped establish a powerful company culture based on excellence, commitment and trust proudly stating that iQuest’s success runs on teamwork, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic.

Andrew Ford

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Andrew led the growth of the company into the top 5 of Australia’s largest specialist air conditioning groups (by market segment). Ford & Doonan are the largest air conditioning company in WA (by market segment). Consisting of 10 stores, including 8 franchised stores in Perth and South West WA. Ford & Doonan have 75 direct staff (PAYE) and 60 indirect staff (Franchises).


  • Andrew is the past President of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contactors Ass of WA (RACCA), and a founding member of Industry Registration Board (RACIRB).
  • Andrew has been a member of the Entrepreneur Organisation (EO) since 2010. Learning Chair Assist – 2016 and 2017.
  • A member of the EO Quantum Leap Forum Group for large businesses in Australia and NZ.
  • Non-executive Director of Gen4 Investments. Commercial Property holdings, Developments and Investments.
  • He is an Angel Investor in tech start-up companies.
  • Past Director for Biogene LTD, publicly listing in November 17.

Azim Sahu-Khan

Read Azim's Story

Azim Sahu-Khan of Business Performance Tuning. He helped many frustrated business owners and executives over the last 20 years in Coaching, Consulting, and Business Development services to increase their profit.

Clinton in't Veld

Read Clinton's Story

Clinton in’t Veld, founder and past Chief Executive Officer of the X-Pert Group of companies and author of the dynamic and internationally recognised Managing By Project® (MBP®) methodology, has worked in the professional field of Strategic, Program, Project, Change and Agile Management for more than 25 years.


Clinton started his project management career as Project Manager in charge of a national bar code scanning implementation for a major retail chain. He has since facilitated and consulted to an impressive list of local and international organisations. He has worked on major business projects in such diverse fields as Retail, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Marketing and Public Relations, Information Technology, Correctional Services, Corrective Services, Defense, Petro-Chemicals, Transportation, Media and Entertainment, Telecommunications, National, Regional and Local Government, Fast Moving Consumable Goods and Sports Administration.


Clinton was past Vice President Special Projects of the South Africa Chapter of the International Project Management Institute (PMI®), Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), founder and past chairman of the South African Association of Project and Change Management (APCM), past President of Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Education and Training Special Interest Group (SIG) in the USA and past Director of Education for the Western Australia Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI®).


Clinton has written an impressive number of articles and papers on the art and science of Managing By Project and Project Management. He has attended numerous Project Management congresses and training academies in Africa, Europe, America, the Middle East, India, Asia, and Australia. He has also presented and guided several thousand delegates in Strategic Management, Change and Transition Management, Project Management and Agile Ways of Work worldwide.


Clinton has been invited as a guest speaker on several regional radio stations and has appeared on a number of business featured television inserts to discuss business, agile and project management related matters. Various Universities and business schools have also invited him as a guest lecturer on MBA and undergraduate courses. He currently lectures Project Management for Curtin University in Western Australia.

David Julian Price

Read David's Story

David Julian Price is the Master of Speaking. He’s been speaking professionally and coaching others since 1986. He’s a member of the Australian Speakers Hall of Fame, a Global Speaking Fellow – one of only 45 worldwide – so you can be sure you’ll be learning from a master of the craft.


David uses a coaching style that gets transformational results quickly. Every time you speak, you’re marketing yourself, and judgements are made, so you better make sure those judgements are favourable. When you’ve learned the skills on how to speak so that people listen, doors open to opportunities that were previously closed.


Everyone has hidden gems inside them, and David knows how to tease them out so your presentation and message shine. You’ll witness transformation before your eyes at this event, reinforcing techniques to get your message across clearly.

Dean Keating

Read Dean's Story

Dean is the Director of Sales in District32 and Scalepreneurs. Excelling in the corporate world of financial services, waste management and telecommunications, Dean was previously responsible for building successful sales teams and has personally achieved $2 billion in sales. Dean has leveraged his experience to help businesses grow their turnover, and his expertise in developing sales strategies has yielded outstanding results for clients.

Doug Childress

Read Doug's Story

Doug is a well-connected CEO with 34+ years in business. He has sold one of his companies to a listed company and he’s now in the process of listing one of his own.

Jo Saunders

Read Jo's Story

Jo Saunders is a leading independent LinkedIn expert, marketing strategist and social media educator who has been connecting people since the early 90s.  Known as the LinkedIn Demystifier, she guides specialists, experts, thought leaders and organisations through the complexities of LinkedIn and social marketing tools to energise their brand, establish credibility and earn influence through the power of ConnectfluenceTM.


She is the co-author of ‘Get Good or Get Off – A guide to getting it right on social media’, was named #2 LinkedIn Expert in Asia Pacific for 2018 and is a finalist in 3 categories of the 2021 Social Media Marketing Institute Awards.


When she’s not demystifying LinkedIn, you’ll find her in a pool, on a bike and occasionally taking part in triathlons.  She is on a quest to swim in every Perth public pool and beyond, and believes a healthy mind and habits benefit your professional presence.

Kanwar Trevisan-Singh

Read Kanwar's Story

Kanwar Trevisan-Singh is an experienced and passionate Human Behaviorist with over 15 years of experience across diverse industries within Australia and United Kingdom. Driven by a passion for understanding human behaviour in the workplace, Kanwar leverages his extensive knowledge and expertise in the application of psychology and neuroscientific research to enhance leadership capacity and overall organisational growth.


Kanwar possesses expertise in the areas of neurobiological underpinnings of leadership and emotional intelligence, optimising decisional constraints, resilience, mindset psychology and is a requested keynote speaker and facilitator for conferences and events. Over his career, he has designed and delivered various business and growth projects for leaders at all levels customised to their business strategy.


Kanwar is an expert in building Social Capital and strengthening the Leadership Maturity of the organisations he partners with. He does so by utilising his strong creative acumen combined with the application of design thinking, his highly developed facilitation and executive coaching skills, which he uses to influence cognition and behaviours. Kanwar’s current focus is on exploring and embedding ways to develop cultures to perform and thrive in the Age of Imagination through the application of Behavioural Economics principles and knowledge that he gained from his time at the London School of Economics.

Sarab Singh

Read Sarab's Story

Sarab Singh is an expert in connecting business strategy and team performance. He is a specialist in addressing enterprise specific challenges, through personal growth strategies for leadership teams. He has been instrumental in preparing many organisations to move from the Information Age to the Imagination Age.


Sarab is a Human Behaviour expert. His expertise in behavioural sciences includes areas of unconscious bias, conflict resolution, performance management, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, influence, and persuasion.


In 2010, Sarab won the inaugural graduate scholarship at the Australian National University whilst undertaking his academic studies in leadership development and high-performance teams. Sarab’s passion is to build leadership and management capability within his clients’ organisations to enhance employee engagement, retention, and productivity.


More recently, Sarab was invited by the Harvard Business School to take part in an Executive Leadership Program on Innovation, where he combined his behavioural science approach with the latest thinking in innovation and design thinking. He has used this unique perspective to help businesses prepare for, and excel in, the new Age of Imagination.

The business growth events have been kind of like a lifesaver, like a lifeline to the outside world and the support has been just amazing. The networking events are full of fantastic, real people, real businesses who are genuinely there to help support you to be the best version of yourself.”

Sheryll Fisher, Outback Initiatives

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Mentors are successful business owners from around the world who volunteer their time solely to assist and support you in your growth. Mentors are experts in many areas and are already hugely successful.

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